Principal's Message:

You can teach a student a lesson for a day; but if you teach him to learn by creating curiosity, he will continue the learning process as long as he lives. –Clay P Bedford

Education for us at Laurels School International, is to kindle and nurture in each child the curiosity to explore, experiment and learn. Technological advancement today has augmented the nature and extent of exposure for our children. It forces them to deal with a far more challenging, demanding and competitive environment, than we ever faced. Therefore education for us refers to imparting skill sets by providing an engaging and enriching curriculum and also by inducting multi-dimensional activities that enhance the students’ intellectual and physical agility to adapt in diverse environments. At Laurels School International, we believe in a model of education that shapes the overall personality of the child. In addition to mapping academic excellence, we relentlessly try to instill in the child the ability to weave a moral fiber with values like humility, sincerity, modesty, respect, empathy and discipline. We encourage and guide the child to balance and face successes and failures with courage and determination. The foundation of our school is built on a harmonious relationship between children, teachers and parents. The effort is to create dedicated and engaged learners who become creative fountainheads with expert mentoring from caring teachers and educators in partnership with supportive parents. ….And in this process we create a lifetime of memories for teachers and students alike.


–Dr.Anshu Deshmukh 


Junior School Campus

7, Press Complex A.B. Road,
Indore – 452011

  • Phone No +91 731-2551784, 2553422,

Senior School Campus

Talavali Chanda, A.B. Road, Manglia,
Indore – 453771

  • Phone No 7024206743/45,