The school strives to equip students to think logically and act sensibly, to develop strong sensibility
and responsibility towards Self and to the Society.

In the Kindergarten classes, emphasis is laid on intellectual, cognitive, physical and social skills development. Students learn through a combination of activities,audio-visuals, educational visits etc. to develop various skills.

In Primary classes the curriculum is structured to encourage and motivate the young minds to develop strong formative learning years. It encourages curiosity, exploration, linguistic skills, information technology and aids physical and mental conditioning to achieve the full potential of the students.

From classes VI onwards school follows an integrated curriculum based on learning programs of Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations realizing the need for hands on training and “learning by doing” is mandatory for students to opt for application based subject in the board classes. This enables the students to build up competencies and self learning skills.

This curriculum prepares the students to high quality educational endeavors nationally and internationally, empowering them to contribute towards a humane and progressive society.








Pre-Primary Curriculum







Primary Curriculum







Middle Curriculum


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