Our Motto & Emblem

“Respect to God is the beginning of Wisdom”

Our motto has been inspired from the profound words of the Great King Solomon the wise as inscribed in the Holy Bible (Proverb 1:7)

It fosters the spirit of reverence, devotion, love and selfless service to all especially to our country, neighbours, family, friends and to God, the Almighty.


Laurel, the wreath symbolizes fame, victory, honor and distinction under the watchful eyes and protective wings of an Eagle. For the flying Eagle, the sky is the limit and so as also for our students. The school prepares its students to fly out as versatile individuals to accomplish their mission in life.

Junior School Campus

7, Press Complex A.B. Road,
Indore – 452011

  • Phone No +91 731-2551784, 2553422,

Senior School Campus

Talavali Chanda, A.B. Road, Manglia,
Indore – 453771

  • Phone No 7024206743/45,